William de Bohun, 1st Earl of Northampton

Royal Descent:

Edward I, King of England m. 1) Eleanor of Castile

1. Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet (1282-1316) m. 2) Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford (1277-1322)

WILLIAM DE BOHUN, 1st Earl of Northampton

Birth:      abt 1309      Caldicot Castle, Monmouthshire, Wales

“Apud Caldecot, duo gemelli nobiles, Edwardus et Willielmus” [Walden Abbey Cartulary].1 CP states the twins were born “about 1312”, but we know their sister Margaret was born in 1311, and the Llanthony Priory Cartulary states that the twins and Eleanor were born prior to Margaret. Two March of Wales IPMs [one at Hay-on-Wye, taken 19 Feb. 1336, and the other taken at Huntington 18 Feb. 1336] for the 5th Earl of Hereford return his heir Humphrey as “aged 26 years on the feast of St. Nicholas last.”2 But given the chronology of the Bohun children, this date fits much better for the birth of the twins, and since they were known to be born in Wales, it may be that the jurors returned their date of birth instead of that of their elder brother.

Death:      16 Sep 1360

“He died on 16 September last.” [Essex IPM, taken at Thaxted 16 Feb. 1361]3; “Moriebatur xvi. die Septembris” [Llanthony Priory Cartulary].1

Burial:      Walden Abbey, Essex

“Cujus corpus sepelitur in parte boreali presbyterii nostri” [Walden Abbey Cartulary].1

Occupation:      1st Earl of Northampton 1337-1360


Elizabeth Badlesmere

Marriage:      13 Nov 1335

Date is of marriage dispensation: “13 Nov. 1335, Avignon. To the bishop of Lincoln. Mandate to grant a dispensation to William de Boun and Elizabeth de Badelesmere to intermarry, notwithstanding that William and Edmund, the late husband of Elizabeth were related in the fourth degree of kindred; Edmund being the son of Roger de Mortuo Mari, earl of March, who was killed by William and his accomplices. Edmund left a son by Elizabeth; and the marriage, for which a dispensation is asked, has been arranged in order to put an end to the enmities between the two families” [CPapR 1305-1342, pp. 527-528].


Humphrey de Bohun (1342-1373)

Elizabeth de Bohun (~1344-1385)



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