Reinoud II, 1st Duke of Guelders

Father:      Reinoud I, Count of Gueldres (~1255-1326)

Mother:      Margaret of Flanders (-~1331)

Birth:      abt 1295

“REINALD van Gelre, son of REINALD I Graaf van Gelre & his second wife Marguerite de Flandre ([1295]).”1

Death:      12 Oct 1343      Arnhem, Guelders [Netherlands]

“His sudden death put a stop to all his earthly projects. It took place at Arnheim, on the 12th of October 1343, in consequence of an injury received from a fall (Teschenmacher, Annales Gelriae, p. 514).”2

Burial:      Graefenthal Abbey, Guelders [Germany]

“The place of his interment is a matter of dispute. Some assign it to the recently founded monastery of Munchausen, near Arnheim (Mag. Chron. Belg., Pistorius), but the most probable opinion is, that he was laid to rest beside his parents in Graventhal, which had long been the burial-place of the ducal house of Gueldres (Aquilius, ut sup. Miraeus, Chron. Belg., p. 303).”2

Occupation:      1st Duke of Guelders 1339-1343


Spouse 1:

Sophia Berthout

Marriage:      13 May 1311

Date is of marriage dispensation: “Pope Clement V issued a dispensation for the marriage of “Reynoldo nato Reynaldi comitis de Gelria” and “Sophia nata…Florentii dicti Berchaut domini de Maclinia” despite 4 degree consanguinity dated 13 May 1311 (Rheinlande Vatikanischen, Band I, 338, p. 160).”1

Death:      6 May 1329

“SOPHIA Berthout Vrouwe van Mechelen, daughter of FLORIS Berthout Heer van Mechelen & his wife Mechteld von der Marck (-6 May 1329).”1

Burial:      Graefenthal Abbey, Guelders [Germany]

“The ‘Kronik van Arent toe Bocop’ records that “Sophia van Mechghelen, gravinne van Gelre” was buried “toe Groenendall int closter” (’Kronijk van Arent toe Bocop’, p. 192).”1


Spouse 2:

Princess Eleanor ‘of Woodstock’ Plantagenet

Marriage:      May 1332      Nijmegen, Guelders [Netherlands]

“The princess and her train set sail for Helvoet-sluys, early in May…The city of Nimeguen was at that time the capital of Gueldres, where stood the palace in which the dukes principally dwelt (Swertius, Athenae Belgicae). This palace, as well as his other residences, had been recently renovated, and beautified with the spoils won by Earl Raymond from the Brabancons (Pontanus, p. 210), and here he brought his young bride. She was received with much enthusiasm by the people. The nuptial feasts were celebrated with great splendour, and lasted for many days (Chron. Wil. Monach. Egmond. Matthaeus, Analecta Medii AEv, vol. ii., p. 718)”;2 “M secondly (Nijmegen May 1332) ELEANOR of England”.1


Reinoud III of Guelders (1333-1371)

Edward of Guelders (1336-1371)



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