Princess Mary Plantagenet

Royal Descent:

Edward I, King of England m. 1) Eleanor of Castile

Princess MARY PLANTAGENET of England

Birth:      11 Mar 1279      Woodstock, Oxfordshire

“Mcclxxix. Hoc anno quarto idus Martii regina Angliae peperit filiam apud Wodestok; et vocata est (Blank in both MSS.)”1; “The Cotton Nero, fol. 29v chronicle in the British Library gives Mary’s birth on 11 March 1279, preceding Queen Eleanor’s accession in Ponthieu in March 1279. The queen bore a daughter (name left blank in MS.) 4 id. March (12 March) 1279 at Woodstock (Ann. monastici [Worcester]); Mary b Windsor on the vigil of St. Gregory (11 March) 1279 (Chron. Bury, p. 67). The place of Mary’s birth was Woodstock, as explicitly stated in the king’s writ of Easter term 1286.”2

Death:      29 May 1332      Amesbury Priory, Wiltshire

“20 Nov. 1332, Knaresborough. To John de Harnham, keeper of the town of Wilton, now in the king’s hands. Order to pay to the brethren and sisters of the hospital of St. Giles, Wylton, the arrears of a rent of 6 marks a year from the town of Wilton, from the time of the death of Mary, a nun of Aumbresbury, the king’s aunt…it appears that the said brethren and sisters received the said rent as above from time out of mind until 29 May last, when the said Mary died, and that they have not remitted the rent to the king, or changed their estate therein” [CCR 1330-1333, p. 511].

Burial:      1332      Amesbury Priory, Wiltshire

“She was buried in the monastery which for forty-eight years had been her principal abode (Harl. MS., 1808, f.23.).”3

Occupation:      Nun at Amesbury 1291-1332



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