Mary de Braose

Father:      Sir Peter de Braose of Tetbury (1273-1312)

Mother:      Agnes Clifford (~1275-1332)

Birth:      abt 1305

Birthdate estimated from the birthdate of her son (1324).


She was named for her paternal grandmother, Mary de Ros, Lady Braose, who may have served as her godmother.

Death:      11 Jun 1362

“Mary: d. 11 June 1362 (The day of St. Barnabas, otherwise Saturday the vigil of Trinity.”1

Occupation:      Countess of Norfolk c.1334-1362

Spouse 1:

Sir Ralph Cobham of Ardington

Birth:      abt 1290

Death:      3 Feb 1326

Marriage:      abt 1320

Spouse 2:

Thomas of Brotherton, 1st Earl of Norfolk

Marriage:      abt 1334

“Braose was one of Edward III’s household knights, but even better, he had a younger sister Mary, a widow of a few years standing, with some well-placed manors of her own. The earl of Norfolk was only aged 34, and there was time to father another son and heir if he remarried. It was likely Braose/Brotherton double marriages that took place in the latter half of 1334. It seems improbable that Thomas married Mary before the summer of 1334, given the Scottish campaign of 1332-1333 and the lack of urgency to remarry while his son and heir Edward was alive.”2



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