Margaret Wake, Countess of Kent

Father:      John Wake, 1st Lord Wake of Liddell (1268-1300)

Mother:      Joan de Fiennes (-1309)

Birth:      abt 1297

“The chronology of Margaret Wake’s marriages and childbearing raises questions about the date of her birth. There is no avoiding the conclusion that she must have been older than her second husband, but it’s not clear by just how many years. The IPM taken at the death of her last brother would suggest a birth date ca 1299. It would by no means be impossible that she, born in that year, could have produced a child by 1314. But we have to keep in mind that juries at Inqs p.m. were often bothered only to establish that the individual concerned was of full age, and if that person were obviously so, the jurors gave responses meant only to confirm what everyone already knew. In this case, we know that Margaret’s parents had at least 2 children living as early as 1290. As none-of the 3 Wake children who survived to maturity can be associated with the unnamed children mentioned in royal accounts in 1290, I surmise that Margaret was most likely born sometime between 1295 and 1300.”1

Death:      29 Sep 1349

Inq. taken at Huntyngdon, 10 February, 24 Edward III. She died on the feast of St. Michael last.”2

Occupation:      Countess of Kent 1325-1330

Spouse 1:

John Comyn of Badenoch

Birth:      abt 1294

Death:      24 Jun 1314      Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, Scotland

“Quem dominus Robertus de Brus, qui fe fecit Regem Scottorum una cum fecta fua Scotica die Sancti Joannis Baptiftae apud Strivelin viriliter & miferabiliter repulit; interfectis miferabiliter ibidem Domino Gilberto de Clare, Comite GloeceftriaeJoanne Comyn3; “Who d.s.p., 24 June 1314, being slain at the battle of Bannockburn (Ch. Inq.p.m., Edw. II, file 97, no. 2).”4

Marriage:      abt 1312

Date of marriage estimated from the age of Margaret and the fact that at least one child was born before Comyn’s death at Bannockburn.

Spouse 2:

Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent

Marriage:      Dec 1325      Paris, France

“1325. 2 Non. Oct. Avignon. “To Edmund, son of the late king, earl of Kent. Dispensation to marry a woman related to him in the third or fourth degree” [CPapR 1305-1342, p. 246]; “A.D. 1325…Eodem anno, ante festum Natalis Domini…et circa idem tempus dominus Edmundus de Wodestouk comes Kantiae cepit in uxorem relictam domini Johannis Comyn et sororem domini Thomae Wake” [Annales Paulini].5


Edmund of Kent (1326-1331)

Margaret of Kent (1327-1347)

Joan ‘The Fair Maid’ of Kent (1328-1385)

John of Kent (1330-1352)



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