Lady Margaret de Bohun

Royal Descent:

Edward I, King of England m. 1) Eleanor of Castile

1. Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet (1282-1316) m. 2) Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford (1276-1322)


Birth:      Sep 1303      Tynemouth, Northumberland

“De quorum sobole isti processerunt Margareta primogenita sua apud Tinehmue sibi fuit nata” [Walden Abbey Cartulary]1; “The situation of the countess now precluded her from encountering the hardships and fatigues of travelling; she retired to England, to reside awhile at Tynemouth, in Northumberland, where preparations were made for her ‘accouchement’, till the latter end of September, when the countess was safely delivered of a daughter. The king gave a present of fifty marks to the valet of the countess who brought him tidings of the birth of his grand-daughter (Rot. Exit. Mich., 31 Edw. I. Devon’s Excerpta, p. 116).”2


“Elizabeth named her infant, Margaret, after her amiable and affectionate step-mother.”2

Death:      7 Feb 1306      Windsor Castle, Berkshire

“Anno gratiae m. trecentesimo quinto…Septimo (This sentence is in a different hand in the blank space which was at the end of the year) die Februarii obiit domina Maria de Boun.”3 Presumably she died in the nursery household she was a member of at Windsor.

Burial:      Westminster Abbey

“Et sepulta est cum domino Hugone [sic] fratre suo in monasterio beati Petri Westmonasterii.”3



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