Margaret Basset

Father:      Ralph, 2nd Lord Basset of Drayton (c.1279-1343)

Mother:      Joan Grey (-1353)

Birth:      abt 1310

Date of birth estimated from the date of her parents’ marriage (1304), and the date of her own marriage.

Death:      aft 1347

She was living in December 1347: “On 1 Dec. 1347 she had a grant of £14 rent in Waresley, Hunts, instead of he manor of Debden, Essex, which she held in dower.”1

Occupation:      Countess of Hereford & Essex 1331-1336


John de Bohun, 5th Earl of Hereford & Essex

Marriage:      by Feb 1331

“1331. 11 Kal. Mar. Avignon.  To the bishops of Lichfield and Coventry and London. Mandate to summon the parties to London, and hear the cause touching the marriage of John, earl of Hereford, and Margaret Bassett, who after their marriage discovered that they were related in the fourth degree, and thereupon ceased to live together. Margaret’s relations, and especially Thomas de Modoville, knight, and Alice de Bellocampo, of the dioceses of London and Worcester, are to appear as witnesses.  (f.143.)” [CPapR 1305-1342, p. 349].



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