Princess Katherine Plantagenet

Royal Descent:

Edward I, King of England m. 1) Eleanor of Castile


Birth:      1261-63

“The date of Katherine’s birth is obscure. When Eleanor of Castile went to France with her parents-in-law in the late summer of 1262, she was accompanied by Alice de Luton, who is known to have been Edward’s former nurse and who in November 1267 was receiving lands in consideration of long service to Eleanor of Castile. It is not certain, however, that Alice de Luton’s presence with Eleanor in 1262 is any proof that there was then a child living (or expected). There is a mysterious passage in one MS. of the Flores historiarum, ed. H.R. Luard, 2 vols. (RS 95; London, 1890), 2.474 n.4, stating that Henry III’s daughter Katherine died on 21 April 1261 when about eight years old. Could the Flores passage possibly be a very garbled reference to the birth of Eleanor of Castile’s daughter of the same name?  At any rate, since Eleanor’s next child Joan was almost certainly born in January 1265, Katherine can hardly have been born any later than February 1264.”1

Death:      5 Sep 1264      Westminster Palace

“The obituary of Katherine, daughter of King Edward, is noted on 5 September in a thirteenth-century necrology of Christ Church, Canterbury (London, British Library Arundel 68, fol. 40v); clearly this Katherine can only have been a child of Edward I.  It may be noted that Henry III was at Canterbury throughout September 1264 (see CPR 1258-66, pp. 367-69), and presumably he had his granddaughter’s obituary entered in the necrology.”1

Burial:      3 Oct 1264      Westminster Abbey

“Oct. 1264, Canterbury. And 4 marks in payment for two cloths of gold (‘pannorum ad aurum’) adorned with wheels (‘rotatorum’), delivered to Robert de Anne the king’s almoner to the use of Katherine the deceased daughter of Edward the king’s firstborn; and 40l. delivered to the said almoner to make offerings on the day of [the said Katherine’s] burial” [CLR 1260-1267]; “There is a reference to Katherine’s burial expenses on 3 October 1264”1.



1. John Carmi Parsons, “The Year of Eleanor of Castile’s Birth and Her Children by Edward I,” Mediaeval Studies, 46, 1984 .