Prince John Plantagenet

Royal Descent:

Edward I, King of England m. 1) Eleanor of Castile

Prince JOHN PLANTAGENET of England

Birth:      13 Jul 1266      Windsor Castle, Berkshire

“Eodem anno, ij idus Julii, de nocte, uxor Domini Edwardi peperit filium suum primogenitum apud Windleshores”1; “Anno Domini MCCLXVI, tertio idus Julii, Johannes filius Edwardi natus est apud Wyndelsore”2; “The Bury chronicle, when recording John’s death in 1271, calls him John ‘of Winchester’, implying that he was b there, but all the record evidence is conclusive for Windsor; see, e.g., ‘CClR 1268-72’, p. 617 and ‘CLR’ 5.229.  It would appear beyond much question that John was born at Windsor on the night of 13-14 July 1266”3.


“Et per vicos Civitatis tripudium ducentes et cantilenas facientes pre gaudio, sicut solet fieri annuatim in festo Sancti Johannis Baptiste; cui vero puero impositum est nomen Johannes.”1

Death:      3 Aug 1271      Wallingford Castle, Berkshire

“Eodem anno obiit dominus Johannes, primogenitus domini Edwardi apud Walingeford circa gulam Augusti”4; “Hoc anno obiit Johannes filius Edwardi quinquennis, nocte Inventionis sancti Stephani”5; “John’s anniversary was observed on 3 August 1274 in the household of his brother Henry. The statement that John d at Wallingford is entirely consistent with the known facts that Edward entrusted his children to the care of his uncle Richard of Cornwall when he left on crusade in 1270, and that Wallingford was Richard’s favorite residence. The date of John’s death was undoubtedly 3 August 1271”3.

Burial:      8 Aug 1271      Westminster Abbey

“Cujus corpus in Ecclesia Westmonasterii, ex opposito basilice Sancti Edwardi in parte aquilonali datum est sepulture viij die mensis Augusti”1.



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