John II of Brabant, Duke of Brabant

Father:      John I of Brabant, Duke of Brabant (1253-1294)

Mother:      Margaret of Flanders (~1251-1285)

Birth:      27 Sep 12751

Death:      27 Oct 1312      Tervuren Castle, Brabant, Belgium

“The event which made the Duchess Margaret a widow took place at the castle of Vueren, on the 27th of October, 1312. The complaint from which the duke had so long suffered had become gradually worse, and the difficulty of passing a stone finally caused his death (Chron. Ducum Brabantiae, fol., Frankfort, 1580, p. 13).”2

Burial:      St. Michael & St. Gudula Cathedral, Brussels

“His body was conducted with great pomp to Brussels, and interred, according to his previously expressed wish, in the church of St. Gudule, in the centre of the choir (Butken, vol. i., p. 368. Miraeus Chron. Belg., p. 309).”2

Occupation:      Duke of Brabant 1294-1312


Princess Margaret Plantagenet of England

Marriage:      9 Jul 1290      Westminster Abbey

“Margaret and John exchanged promises of marriage (fides data) at Havering on Sunday, 2 July 1290 (C 47/4/5 fol.43b). According to this entry in the ‘Liber’, Margaret’s ‘relevacio’ was on 8 July 1290. Obviously this cannot refer to purification after childbirth. It seems to indicate a ‘relevacio’ such as that celebrated for Hugh de Mortimer’s wife on the morning after her wedding in October 1290. But according to two other accounts Margaret and John were not married at Westminster Abbey until Sunday, 9 July 1290 (C 47/3/22 m.2; C 47/4/4 fol. 43b.). Either the date of the ‘relevacio’ is wrong or the marriage was consummated two days before the actual ceremony, both of which are unlikely, then a ‘relevacio’ could take place before or after the wedding ceremony, as long as it was prior to consummation.”3

Children:            John III of Brabant (1300-1355)



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