John de Bohun, 5th Earl of Hereford & Essex

Royal Descent:

Edward I, King of England m. 1) Eleanor of Castile

1. Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet (1282-1316) m. 2) Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford (1277-1322)

JOHN DE BOHUN, 5th Earl of Hereford & Essex

Birth:      23 Nov 1305      Pleshey Castle, Essex

“15 Feb. 1327, Westminster. Order to deliver to John de Bohun, son and heir of Humphrey de Bohun, sometime earl of Hereford and Essex, the issues of his father’s lands from 31 October, in the 20th year of the late king’s reign, when the late king took his fealty and rendered to him his lands, although he was not then of full age, because he learned by trustworthy testimony that John would be of full age on St. Clement’s Day next following” [CCR 1327-1330, p. 26]; “Apud Plesset, Johannes” [Walden Abbey Cartulary]1; “A few months afterward [in 1306], Elizabeth seems to have left court and retired to Pleshy, where her son and heir was born…To the valet who informed him of the birth of his grandson (Ward. Book, 34 Edw. I., Queen’s Rememb.), the king gave 40l., a sum equal to 600l. in the present day.”2 Everett Green confirms a birth of a son at Pleshey, but mistakes the son for Humphrey (b/d. 1304).

Death:      20 Jan 1336      Kirkby-Thore, Westmorland

“Comes Johannis supradictus, moriebatur apud Kirkeby Thore, sine haerede, in festo sanctorum Fabiani et Sebastiani, anno Domini mcccxxxv” [Llanthony Abbey Cartulary].1

Burial:      St Mary Abbey, Stratford Langthorne, Essex

“Cujus corpus sepelitur apud Stratford at Bowe” [Walden Abbey Cartulary].1

Occupation:      5th Earl of Hereford & Essex 1322-1336

Spouse 1:

Lady Alice Fitzalan

Marriage:      22 Feb 1325

Date is of marriage dispensation: “8 Kal. Mar. Avignon.  To John de Boun, son of Humphrey earl of Hereford. Dispensation, at the request of Edmund, earl of Arundel, to marry one of the daughters of the said Edmund, they being related in the fourth degree.  (f.257d.)” [CPapR 1305-1342, p. 242].

Spouse 2:

Margaret Basset

Marriage:      by Feb 1331

“1331. 11 Kal. Mar. Avignon.  To the bishops of Lichfield and Coventry and London. Mandate to summon the parties to London, and hear the cause touching the marriage of John, earl of Hereford, and Margaret Bassett, who after their marriage discovered that they were related in the fourth degree, and thereupon ceased to live together. Margaret’s relations, and especially Thomas de Modoville, knight, and Alice de Bellocampo, of the dioceses of London and Worcester, are to appear as witnesses.  (f.143.)” [CPapR 1305-1342, p. 349].



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