Humphrey de Bohun, 6th Earl of Hereford & Essex

Royal Descent:

Edward I, King of England m. 1) Eleanor of Castile

1. Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet (1282-1316) m. 2) Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford (1277-1322)

HUMPHREY DE BOHUN, 6th Earl of Hereford & Essex

Birth:      1307      Lochmaben Castle, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

“Apud Longmaban in Scotia, Humfridus” [Walden Abbey Cartulary]1; “In 1307, her second son John was born (Rot. Exit., 35 Edw. I., Pasch.)”2 There were 23 IPMs for the 5th Earl of Hereford, all taken in January & February 1336, that returned ages for his brother and heir. 11 stated he was aged 27 and more, 8 said aged 26 and more, 3 returned aged 25 and more, and 1 aged 24 and more, giving him a birth range of 1308-1311. But we know he was born in Lochmaben Castle, and Elizabeth his mother was there for most of the year 1307. Everett Green referred to the birth of a son to Elizabeth before the death of Edward I in July 1307. She identified the son as John, but incorrectly identified the previous son in 34 Edward I as the first Humphrey (b/d. 1304). The son born in 35 Edward I (1307) would have to be the second Humphrey.

Death:      15 Oct 1361      Pleshey Castle, Essex

“He died on 15 October, 35 Edward III” [Surrey IPM, taken at Kingston-on-Thames 12 Feb. 1363]3; “Et moriebatur apud Pleysis sine haerede de se, anno Domini MCCCLXI” [Llanthony Priory Cartulary].1

Burial:      Augustinian (Austin) Friars Priory, London

“The Bodyes buryed in the ffryers Augustyn of London, founded by the Earle of Herford: In the Quyre, in the middest lyeth Sir Humfrey Bohun, Erle of Herford & Essex, lord of Breknoke.”4

Occupation:      6th Earl of Hereford & Essex 1336-1361



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