Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford & Essex

Father:      Humphrey de Bohun, 3rd Earl of Hereford and Essex (~1249-1298)

Mother:      Maud de Fiennes (-<1298)

Birth:      12771

“Humphrey his son, aged 22 and more, is his next heir” [Essex IPM of 3rd Earl of Hereford, taken 23 Jan. 1300].1 10 out of the 12 IPMs for the 3rd Earl of Hereford , all taken in January & February of 1300, returned an age for his heir. Eight stated him as aged 22 and more, and the other two (Wiltshire and Hereford) as aged 23 and more. Since the Essex IPM quoted above also provides the added detail of the place of death of the 3rd Earl – Pleshey Castle, the Bohun family seat in Essex – the age of Humphrey returned by that IPM is likely accurate.

Death:      16 Mar 1322      Boroughbridge, Yorkshire

“Pressing forward, therefore, at night, he [Sir Andrew Harcla] got a start of the earl [of Lancaster], occupying the bridge of Boroughbridge before him, and, sending his horses and those of his men to the rear, he posted all his knights and some pikemen on foot at the northern end of the bridge…On Tuesday, then, after the third Sunday in Lent, being the seventeenth of the kalends of April, the aforesaid earls arrived in force, and perceiving that Sir Andrew had anticipated them by occupying the north end of the bridge…For when the Earl of Hereford (with his standard-bearer leading the advance, to wit, Sir Ralf de Applinsdene) and Sir Roger de Clifford and some other knights, had entered upon the bridge before the others as bold as lions, charging fiercely upon the enemy, pikes were thrust at the Earl from all sides; he fell immediately and was killed with his standard-bearer and the knights aforesaid, to wit, Sir W. de Sule and Sir Roger de Berefield.”2

Burial:      Dominican (Black) Friars Priory, York

“Cujus corpus Eboraci in conventu fratrum praedictorum jacet humatum” [Walden Abbey Cartulary].3

Occupation:      4th Earl of Hereford and Essex 1299-1322


Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet of England

Marriage:      14 Nov 1302      Westminster Palace

“The nuptials of Earl Humphrey and the princess were celebrated at Westminster on the 14th of November, 1302 (Ward. Roll, 29-32 Edw. I., No. 2,144, Queen’s Rememb. Chron. Lanthony, Cott. MS., Cleop. A.iii., f.315. A contemporary anonymous chronicler says that the marriage took place at Caversham, in Oxfordshire, on the 25th of December, Cott. MS., Vesp. A.ii., f.74).”4


Margaret de Bohun (1303-1306)

Humphrey de Bohun (1304-1304)

John de Bohun (1305-1336)

Humphrey de Bohun (1307-1361)

Edward de Bohun (~1309-1334)

William de Bohun (~1309-1360)

Eleanor de Bohun (~1310-1363)

Margaret de Bohun (1311-1391)

Eneas de Bohun (~1313-1331)

Isabella de Bohun (1316-1316)



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