Gilbert de Clare, 6th Earl of Gloucester & Hertford

Father:      Richard de Clare, 5th Earl of Gloucester & Hertford (1222-1262)

Mother:      Lady Maud de Lacy (~1223-1288)

Birth:      2 Sep 1243      Christchurch, Hampshire

“Genuitque ex ea filium, nomine Gilbertum secundum in crastino sancti Egidii anno Domini mccxliij. apud ecclesiam Christi in Hampscire” [Chronica de Tewkesburye].1

Death:      7 Dec 1295      Monmouth Castle, Monmouthshire, Wales

“Qui Gilbertus secundus obiit in castello de Monmouth vij. idus Decembris anno Domini mcclxxxxv”1; “Gilbert may have stopped at Monmouth, Edmund of Lancaster’s castle, on his way from Glamorgan to Westminster, to which he had been summoned to attend parliament.”2

Burial:      22 Dec 1295      Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire

“Et sepultus est apud Theokes. in sinistra Gilberti primi” [Chronica de Tewkesburye]1; “And was bur. 22 Dec. 1295, at Tewkesbury, on the left side of his grandfather Gilbert.”3

Occupation:      6th Earl of Gloucester and Hertford 1262-1295

Spouse 1:

Alice de Lusignan

Death:      May 1290

“She died in May 1290 and the estates reverted to the earl (Foedera, Conventiones, Litterae, ed. Thomas Rymer; new ed., ed. A. Clark et al. (Record Commission, 1816-69), I, 654).”2

Marriage:      2 Feb 1253      Poitou, France

Date is of marriage contract: “The Earl m., 1stly, in the spring of 1253, the bride being ‘aetate puerula’ (Mat. Westm., vol. ii, p. 381), Alice (cont. dat. 2 Feb. 1252/3), da. of Hugh de Lusignan (le Brun), Count of La Marche and Angoulême (uterine brother of Henry III), by Yolande, da. of Pierre (Mauclerk), Duke of Brittany (Annales Mon., vol. i, pp. 153, 154; M. Paris, Chron. Maj., vol. v, p. 366; Anselme, vol. iii, p. 78; Cal. Patent Rolls, 1247-58, p. 175).”3

Annulment:      16 May 1285

“On 16 May 1285, the marriage having been dissolved, the Earl made provision for her for life, giving her Thaxted and other manors (Foedera, vol. ii, p. 299).”3


Joan de Clare (->1324)

Spouse 2:

Princess Joan ‘of Acre’ Plantagenet of England

Marriage:      30 Apr 1290      Westminster Abbey

“The marriage of the Princess Joanna took place on Sunday, the 30th of April, 1290, when she was in her nineteenth year. It was privately celebrated at Westminster Abbey by the king’s chaplain (Chron. Brute, Lamb. MS., No. 99, f.39. Chron. Barthol. Norw., Cott. MS, Nero, Cv., f.205b). The following entries occur in the wardrobe book of the year in reference to the marriage:– ‘On the last day of April, for offerings made at a mass privately celebrated in the conventual church of Westminster, in honor of the Holy Spirit, at the nuptials of Joanna, the king’s daughter, 70s.’.”4


Gilbert de Clare (1291-1314)

Eleanor de Clare (1292-1337)

Margaret de Clare (1293-1342)

Elizabeth de Clare (1295-1360)



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