Princess Eleanor Plantagenet

Royal Descent:

Edward I, King of England m. 1) Eleanor of Castile


Birth:      by 18 Jun 1269      Windsor Castle, Berkshire

Date is when news of the birth was rewarded: “18 June 1269, Westminster. Grant to John de Beaumes, yeoman of Eleanor, consort of Edward the king’s son, for bringing the good news of the birth of her daughter Eleanor, that the king will provide for him 10l. or 10 marks at least yearly of land out of wards or escheasts” [CPR 1266-1272, p. 349]; “Chron. Bury, p. 47, however, states that young Eleanor was b 1270 at Windsor. The chronology of the Bury chronicle is seemingly muddled at this point, for young Eleanor’s birth is there reported in connection with the fatal wounding of Alan de la Zouche by the earl of Surrey on 1 July; this is reported by the chronicle as an event of 1270, but it rather happened in 1269”1.

Death:      29 Aug 1298      Bristol, Gloucestershire

“Quarto idus Octobris apud Bristolliam obiit domina Alianora, primogenita regis Edwardi, comitissa de Barz, et sepelitur apud Westmonasterium’ [‘Quarto…Westmonasterium’] only in Ch.; partly over erasure)”2; “The Bury chronicle, p. 150, however, indicates a date towards the end of the summer of 1298, and this is borne out, as far as the day is concerned, by Eleanor’s obit on 29 August, in a psalter owned by her sister Elizabeth”1.

Burial:      12 Oct 1298      Westminster Abbey

“She was buried in the cloister or chapter-house, according to 16th-century tomb-lists. An unlikely location, but perhaps it was originally meant to be temporary until a more elaborate tomb, which never came to fruition, could be built.”3 It seems likely that the date of October 12, mentioned in the Flores as Eleanor’s date of death, was actually her date of burial, especially as it seems there was an effort made to correct the entry.

Occupation:      Countess of Bar 1293-1298


Henry III of Bar, Count of Bar

Marriage:      20 Sep 1293      Bristol, Gloucestershire

“The ancient City of Bristol was the place fixed upon for the marriage ceremony. King Edward was determined no pains should be spared to do honour to the occasion, and he summoned all his knights and nobles from far and near to attend (See Archaeologia, vol. xv, p. 347). He himself was present, with the whole of the royal family. The marriage was celebrated on the 20th of September, 1293, the Archbishop of Dublin being the officiating prelate (Chron. Petrob., Addit. MS., 6913, f.302. Cotton MS, Vesp. A. ii., f.70b). The chronicle of Bartholomew of Norwich and that of Lanercost give the 29th of September as the date, but, in the summons sent to the knights, the Sunday after ascension day is the day fixed upon, which fell this year on the 20th of September.”4


Joan of Bar (1294-1361)

Edward I of Bar (1296-1336)



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