Prince Alphonso Plantagenet

Royal Descent:

Edward I, King of England m. 1) Eleanor of Castile



Birth:      24 Nov 1273      Bayonne, Gascony

“Per the Chron. Bury, Alphonso was b the night after St. Clement’s day (23 November) at Bayonne. Ann. monastici says b 24 November s.a. 1275. The year cannot have been 1275, since neither the king nor the queen was then in France. According to Liber de antiquis legibus, Alphonso had been b Bordeaux about the feast of All Saints (1 November) 1273. The Pipe roll account proves that he was living in the spring of 1274, so the year of his birth must have been 1273. That the city was Bayonne and not Bordeaux is proved by a letter from Eleanor of Provence to her son Edward I, asking him to show favor to the impoverished Franciscans of Bayonne, ‘por ce qe Alfons uostre fiz nasquit en la vile.’ The probable date was on the night of 23-24 November.”1

Baptism:      Bayonne, Gascony

“Alphonso was baptized by the bishop of Exeter, held at the font by the king of Castile for whom named.”1

Death:      19 Aug 1284      Windsor Castle, Berkshire

“Alphonso d ‘fere duodennis’ 14 kal. September (19 August) 1284 (Flores historiarum); d ‘fere duodennis’, 14 kal. September 1284 (Ann. monastici 2.401 [Waverley]); d Saturday after the Assumption (19 August) 1284 (Ann. monastici 4.296-97 [Osney], 297-298 [Wykes]); d shortly after the birth of Edward of Caernarvon (25 April 1284) (Ann. monastici 3.313 [Dunstable]); d Windsor on St. Magnus’ day (19 August) 1284. The date of his death can only have been 19 August 1284, and there is no reason to question Windsor as the place.”1

Burial:      26 Aug 1284      Westminster Abbey

“Cujus corpus in ecclesia Westmonasterii juxta feretrum sancti Edwardi honorifice collocatur”2; “Sepultus apud Westmonasterium die Sabbati proxima post festum Sancti Bartholomaei, videlicet vii. kal. mensis supradicti”3; “Bur Westminster Abbey among brothers and sisters, next the shrine of St. Edward (Flores historiarum); bur Westminster Abbey the next Saturday (26 August) (Ann. monastici). The archbishop of Canterbury on 27 August 1284 promised the abbot and convent of Westminster that whenever he officiated at royal ceremonies there at the request of the king, the queen consort or the queen mother, no infringement on the exemptions of Westminster was intended”.1



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