Alice Salisbury, Dame Perrers

Birth:      abt 1340

“The generational patterns of at least the main line of this dynasty do not match very well with the likely date of birth, around 1340, of Alice Perrers herself.”1 Birthdate estimated from birthdate of her son, and the fact that she had been in the service of Queen Philippa “for some time” by 1364.

Death:      by 3 Feb 1401

Date is when will was proved: “Alice died in the winter of 1400–01, her will being proved on 3 February 1401.”2

Burial:      St Laurence Church, Upminster, Essex

“Alice spent most of the last part of her life on her remaining estates in the Home Counties and died in the winter of 1400-1401, being buried at Upminster in Middlesex.”3

Spouse 1:

Janyn Perrers of London

Death:      abt 1361

“Janyn died some time in or after 1361, after which Alice served as his executrix and, achieving the status of femme sole, was able to engage in commercial and legal transactions of her own.”4

Marriage:      by 1360

“This revision would place Alice as a domicella serving in the queen’s household by 1359 and married at least by 1360 to Janyn Perrers.”4


Edward III, King of England


“Having served for some time as lady in waiting in the household of Queen Philippa (d. 1369), Alice seems to have become Edward III’s mistress around 1364: their son John was of age to be married in January 1377, and to accompany the earl of Cambridge on his Portuguese campaign of 1381–2. It was also in 1364 that the merchant and courtier Richard Lyons (d. 1381), later to become her friend, was ordered not to interfere with Alice’s going where she wished on the king’s business or her own.”2


John de Southeray (1365->1383)

Spouse 2:

Sir William Windsor

Death:      15 Sep 1384

“Windsor was granted some of the lands which Alice had forfeited in 1377, but the process of recovery was a slow one, and his death on 15 September 1384 brought new problems.”2

Marriage:      by 1374

“It was probably during his stay in England in 1373-4 that he and Alice were married-they certainly engaged in financial transactions together at this time-and it may be that she had a hand in his reappointment.”2



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