Alice Hales, Countess of Norfolk

Father:      Sir Roger de Hales of Lodden-Hales (-1313)

Mother:      Alice Skogan

Birth:      abt 1305

“‘936. *Roger de Hales and Alice his wife and Johanna and Matilda, daughters of the said Roger, v. William fil’ Roger de Hales, in Lodnes, Whetacre, Elingham juxta Kyrkeby, and Brom juxta Thweyt’ (Rye, 1885). From the lack of mention of his daughter Alice and his son and heir John de Hales, it may be presumed they were not yet born in 1303.”1

Death:      1330

“1330 would prove devastating for Thomas in another way: his wife countess Alice died that year, at some point before 12 October, when Thomas obtained licence to found a chantry for her soul at the church of Bosham, Sussex (CPR 1330-1334, p. 11).”1

Occupation:            Countess of Norfolk c.1321-1330


Thomas of Brotherton, 1st Earl of Norfolk

Marriage:      abt 1321

“Technically, Thomas’s marriage belonged to the king until Thomas came of age. There is no record of the young earl of Norfolk being granted his own marriage, as there is for the young earl of Gloucester (CPR 1307-1313, p. 50). Nor is there any record of Thomas having to pay a fine for marrying without licence of the king. So his marriage to Alice Hales must have occurred after he came of age in June 1321, and from the chronology of their children, probably very shortly after.”1


Margaret of Brotherton (~1322-1399)

Edward of Brotherton (~1323-1334)

Alice of Brotherton (1324-1352)



1. Brad Verity, “Love Matches and Contracted Misery: Thomas of Brotherton and His Daughters (Part 1),” Foundations, Volume 2 Number 2, July 2006.