Adam FitzRoy [Plantagenet]

Royal Descent:

Edward II, King of England = unknown mistress


Birth: abt 1308

Age estimated from he being in his early teens in 1322: “Adam is not mentioned as a knight and this, together with the fact that he was under a ‘magister’, entitles one to assume that he was, in 1322, in his early teens.”1

Death: aft 1322

“The money was paid out to him in five instalments between 6 June and 18 September 1322 by John Sturmy, steward of Edward’s chamber, either to Adam himself or to his tutor (magister), Hugh Chastilloun. Adam is usually assumed to have died on the Scottish campaign, perhaps of the dysentery which ravaged the English army, as he never appears again in any known source.”2



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