Princess Joan Plantagenet

Royal Descent:

Edward I, King of England m. 1) Eleanor of Castile

Princess JOAN PLANTAGENET of England

Birth:      Jan 1265      Westminster Palace

“Preparations for Eleanor of Castile’s confinement were underway on 7 December 1264, and her churching was imminent on 3 February 1265 (CLR 5.150, 160).  On Sunday, the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, 49 Henry III (25 January 1265), 13s. 4d. were paid for medicines for Eleanor’s use; P.R.O. E 101/350/1, m.1, the entire document printed in G.E. Trease, ‘The Spicers and Apothecaries of the Royal Household in the Reigns of Henry III, Edward I and Edward II’, Nottingham Medieval Studies, 3 (1959) 40-41 (although the account’s ‘Lady Eleanor’ is mistakenly identified in the edition as Queen Eleanor of Provence, who was actually in France in January 1265, and who in any event would certainly have been styled ‘domina Regina’ by the wardrobe clerks).  The child born in January 1265 must have been Joan.”1

Death:      Sep 1265      England

She was dead and buried by September 1265: “De panno ad aurum ad tumbam Johanne filie Edwardi.–Mandatum est Ricardo de Ewell’, emptori garderobe regis, quod provideat de uno bono et pulcro panno ad aurum ad cooperiendum inde tumbam Johanne, filie Edwardi, primogeniti regis, nuper defuncte et in ecclesia Westmonasterii sepulte. Et hoc nullo modo omittat. Teste rege apud Merleberg vij. die Septembris” [CCR 1264-1268].

Burial:      7 Sep 1265      Westminster Abbey

“Henry III ordered a gold cloth on 7 September 1265 for the Westminster Abbey tomb of Joan, when the girl was recently dead (CClR 1264-68, pp. 70-71).”1



1. John Carmi Parsons, “The Year of Eleanor of Castile’s Birth and Her Children by Edward I,” Mediaeval Studies, 46, 1984