This website is an attempt at a comprehensive compilation of the provable descendants of Edward I, King of England.  Some genealogists have claimed that tens of millions of Americans and all English descend from this 13th-century monarch.  If so, they will eventually turn up here.  Each descendant (and any spouse of a descendant) has their own page(s) of information.  The first goal is to follow every line of Edward I down to the year 1500.  After that, an attempt will be made to update and expand the work that was begun in the early-20th century by genealogist Melville de Ruvignés, Marquis de Ruvigny (1868-1921), to trace all the descendants of Edward III.  The overall goal is to provide a meeting ground for history and genealogy, and to follow lines of descent – generation by generation – through the historical landscape of the British Isles and beyond.

Anyone new to this website is recommended to start on the User Guide page.  Otherwise, you can begin with Edward I himself and trace down, or search for a particular descendant (use the Search Box in the column to the right) and trace back.  A compilation of this scope is bound to contain errors, so please feel free to contact Brad with any corrections or additions to information presented.  Happy Hunting!